Thursday, March 13, 2008

Westbank Arike' - Live @ Da' Vibe Video

It is done! After months of drama / from running niggas down to get the final copy - all the way to the editing process its finally done! MY VIDEO “Westbank Arike’ - Live @ Da’ Vibe”. The purpose of me paying out of my pocket for this event is just to let people see what goes on in New Orleans "Bounce World", and at this club with no backdoor profits. I had few local producers who wanted to pay for the production cost and put it out, but I wasn’t trying to sell or package it. My overall thoughts of the video is dull. I felt like it could have been better but It served the purpose. Will I do it again….I strongly doubt it. It was simply something I craved and I tasted, but it left a sour taste in my mouth. MY microphone kept going out, lol, MINE…..and it just got out of order from the way I set it up, but I love the editing feature. I just cut it out, lol. As for the people who think I was “drowned out” in my own video…well I desired to take the back set. I was never one to crave the spotlight for anything, so again I desired to let it be hosted by someone else and I backseat. But at any rate if you want to obtain a free copy of this video, and you are out of state, just email me your FULL mailing address at and I will send it out to you free of charge. NO TEA NO SHADE!


Monday, March 10, 2008


Some would say I think I am “too much” or just plain ass “stuck-up”, which is clearly not the case! I am the most open minded person god could ever blow breath on. Anybody that’s know me personally could say that. For me not to like a person you MUST have did me something personally for me to feel like that which is a hard thing to do. Even people that scorn me in the past I still speak, and even converse with @ times. I cant seem for figure out why people think I am “too much”, lol. Arrogant is also something have been called. I can agree I am VERY arrogant and u should be too. The meaning of this 14th century word arrogant I means that you are proudly contemptuous. Just showing SELF-IMPORTANCE or disregard for others. Now I care about people so don't get it twisted, but I come 1st. So if putting me 1st is arrogant then by all means I am. It must be the fact that I am shy, don’t care what people think about me, a loner, and quite. Or maybe it’s the fact that I don’t speak to people I don’t know, I dress ok, I have changed from what I used to be, or the fact that I walk with my head high with reason to. But I think its just that I am different from the rest. When people see me I guess because I fucked with bounce I should jump to the mic or get mad when my name not on an event or when my name isn’t called. I am ME which is all that’s matters. I can't be what people want me to be, and if that makes me “too much”, or “stuck-up” well…lol then I am!