Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fraudulent Pages

Today , after being told several times that I have myspace personal and music pages, I went to see for myself and what I saw shocked me. 
To think that people would really take the time to make fraudulent myspace pages and imitation blogs with all my information and photos is crazy and outlandish. After seeing these shrines I was LIVID. 
Being that I cant control the fact that foes, fans, or FOOLS do things like this, I can only post this public statement saying that I do not and will not have a myspace page, for personal reasons, and this is the ONLY blog that I have. Anything else is not powered or controlled by me so don’t partake in it. Furthermore by me making this statement I hope people don’t get the impression that I am “stuck up” or I think I am more than what I am. I am merely protecting my likeness and freedom. For those who know me will understand.

ALSO, to respond to all the YIM’s and E-mails about my reasons to only cater to the gay community for 08’and not to do any teen or adult themed socials….…I have my reasons. The main reason is I stay away from drama and I give back and support who give back or support me. Point blank. I am not going to get gas from a station where everybody else is pumping. I will go the station across the street where nobody is and that way I will get out faster. Lol.

But feel free to email me at or

Yahoo Messenger: westbank_arike. HOLLA!


Friday, January 4, 2008

Got A new polished look for 2008......

WBArike' 1

WBArike' 2

WBArike' 3

WBArike' 4