Sunday, February 10, 2008


I was at a concert in New Orleans 2 weeks ago that one of my good friends hosted and I was introduced as “ The legendary Westbank Arike”. I was upset at that moment but I really didn’t know how to take it. Good Wishes or Slang? I was like……. Legendary? What? I took it as me being old, washed up, and plain ol’ DEAD. As I sat down and thought about it legend is not a bad word. Webster’s defines Legend as somebody famous admired for a skill or talent. Now that I look at my immense track record I am going to embrace the words legend/legendary more than what I do and not get dismayed hearing it. True, I am pretty last season BY CHOICE, but I rather be up there with legends than new jacks any day. Legendary people make sense while new jacks make hits. That’s just my thoughts. For 2008 I am taking the reserved side of bounce, the side most don’t understand. The side I feel I deserve. I have had songs written about me, D.J.’s not playing my shit, no shows or producers because of my sexuality, slang’s about me in songs and mixxes, OMG the list go on. The funny part is I am nowhere near what I used to be, and not trying to be and STILL going through the same shit, lol. I only show up for certain events by certain people. Its not about the money at all anymore. That’s so 2002. Its all about respect. I respect those who respect me. Mc Shakie, D.J. Lil Man, Calliope Preist…is some of FEW who can call me and I am there at ZERO!
Enjoy Life

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mardi Gras 2008

Mardi Gras 2008 was like the LAMEST to me. I saw some people I haven’t seen in years, some of which I thought was dead. These was some of the people I grew up with and they still on the same ol’ shit stuck in the same ol’ town. Still talking about people and holding on to grudges. Me, I feel like life to short for all that shit. In the words for my father, “There comes a time when you gotta let it Go”. These people need to let some of this shit go.
As far as the clubs…a dump. Rockafella 2.5 was ok and a few other parties was cool, but Club Fusions…..a dump! $20 a night to sweat and to get your $200 plus shoes stepped on, lol. I was there a few nights only because friends was there from out of town. I mean this cub has no entertainment nor excitement. CL-10 a D.J. there is pretty good, but for the most part I stood in the back all night on my SideKick. Fashion wise…..everybody was cute. The Local New Orleans kids was on they game, but then u had your out of town fools with 40 colors, 9 materials, and tights on one outfit and SWEAR it was fashion! Its not! Now I am not Joan Rivers, but I can say “Fashion is Simple”, and some people (from the state capital) take it too far. FOOLS! On a scale from 1 to 10 this club gets a ZERO!
This weekend I also realized no matter how much you give your all for people it still is in vain. So now I have the disposition like fuck you!