Friday, May 30, 2008

Birmingham Cardiac Diet

OK! There is BILLIONS of Diet schemes and tricks these days but this one I do believe might be the one that just may work.

Its called the Birmingham Cardiac Diet.
Its a 3 Day Chemical Breakdown Diet that doesn't cause too much stress on your body like most diets do. Now a cardiac diet is easy to follow but will require some pre-planning , and it is the diet cardiac patients follow in the Birmingham Alabama hospital cardiac diet its not just another "PLAN".

I know of a few of my friends that went on this diet plan and has seen fast results, so I deiced to share it with you! In a few weeks when I get a chance to slow down some I will train a few family members on this plan. Hey maybe I might do it for a week to loose the 10 lbs, lol, but i think this is a wonderful experience for some of the people that's struggling with weight issues. If that's the case and u just need someone to talk to or need any other options feel free to email me @
Here is the link to read more about the Birmingham Cardiac Diet and the menu. If it isn't enough try just googling the "Birmingham Cardiac Diet".

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